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Lakeside Casino
"Long Distance Bus Program"

Osceola, Iowa.


  • All reservations are to be made in at least two weeks prior to the trip date with Lakeside Hotel Casino (LHC).  Reservations based on space available. (Maximum of 10 busses per day.)
  • Bus Tour Groups are welcome every day from 8am – 6pm (excluding holidays). The Group Sales office will do everything they can to accommodate special reservations.  However, NO tour group will receive the bus program or rebate payment for any holiday trip.
  • Tours must stay a minimum of 2 days at LHC.
  • All tour operators will be required to send LHC a passenger manifest no later than 5 days prior to arrival. Manifest must include a numbered list of first and last name (as they appear on their driver’s license), address, birthday, phone number, and A-Play card number if applicable. (Please use LHC manifest form attached).
  • A certificate of Insurance needs to be sent to LHC along with the manifest form.
  • If a group visits LHC on back to back days or more than once in a week (Sunday – Saturday), without using our overnight package, the group will be handled as a new group and will go through the same procedures on both days.

Minimum Tour Size

  • There must be at least 30 passengers for each bus to receive player rewards.
  • The group must stay a minimum of 2 nights.
  • Do not overload your bus - the number of guests must be equal to or less than number of seats on the bus.

Check in – Check out

  • All busses must remain loaded until greeted by a LHC employee. Each passenger must be listed on the manifest and the count verified by LHC employee in order for reward compensations to be distributed.
  • After everything is verified, the passengers will receive all reward compensations, A-Play cards and a welcome for the day.
  • Upon arrival, passengers must present valid drivers license or state identification when picking up their A-Play card.
  • Announcements to load bus may be made at Guest Service Center no earlier than 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure.
  • Busses are not allowed to depart without ALL passengers. LHC does not provide transportation for passengers left behind.
  • Busses must park in the designated parking area only.
  • Once a bus group has completed all necessary steps for acceptance (reservations, minimum tour size and check in – check out) reward incentives will be distributed.

Name Tags

  • Name tags with company name and printed passenger name must be worn at all times.
    The bus company will provide name tags.
  • Tags must be in full view on upper left side of body (not under a coat, on a sleeve, hat, purse, etc…)


  • The LHC name can be used for advertising purposes ONLY, with approval from LHC Marketing Department.


  • All bus groups must be accompanied by their driver and/or escort.

Quick Cash

  • For our guests’ convenience, LHC will cash any personal check, pending approval.
  • ATM machines and credit card advance machines are located at the casino entrance.

Overnight Stays and Reward Incentives

  • For a minimum 2 night stay a group room rate of $40.00, plus 12% hotel tax, will be offered Sunday-Thursday stays only. All rooms based on double occupancy and availability. For Friday, Saturday and holidays the standard hotel rate will apply.
  • Bus Company must provide a rooming list with the manifest no later than 5 days prior to arrival.

The groups will receive the below incentives:

  • A Lakeside Hotel Casino A-Play Players Card.
  • 1st Day incentives include a $25 Free Slot Play and one FREE buffet..
  • 2nd Day incentives include a $25 Free Slot Play and $5 off buffet.
  • Players must use their A-Play Club Card for the free slot play to be valid.
  • Commission incentive will be $10 per rider.

Driver/escort will receive same incentives that the players get (i.e. Free Slot Play, Buffet).  Hotel rooms for driver & escort will be comped.

Lakeside Hotel Casino Policies

  • All passengers must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Solicitation of casino guests will not be tolerated. Persons involved in such behavior will be asked to leave the property.
  • Photo identification and a social security card will be required to claim any jackpot of $1,200 or more.
  • Lakeside Hotel Casino is not responsible for any lost or stolen item.
  • No cameras or recording devices will be allowed into the casino.
  • All accidents or injuries must be reported to LHC security personnel immediately and an incident report filled out.
  • Food and/or drink may not be carried into or out of the Casino.
  • As always, Lakeside Hotel Casino reserves the right to change, cancel or alter
    this bus program at any time.
  • Self exclusions and persons that have been excluded from the property for any reason are not eligible to participate in the bus program.

Please sign and date below and return to Lakeside Hotel Casino at least 5 days prior to your scheduled visit.

I have read and agree to follow the above information, rules and regulations, and expectations of Lakeside Hotel Casino and their “Catch the Bus” program.

_______________________________________               _______________________________________

          Tour Operator Signature                                                                   Date

_______________________________________               ________________________________________

          Bus Group Printed Name                                                             Phone Number

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           Lakeside Hotel Casino                                                                        Date

Lakeside Hotel Casino ~ 777 Casino Drive ~ Osceola, IA 50213

Phone: 1-877-477-5253 x 411   Fax: 641-342-3986


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