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This page show what Russell's Guides users are commenting on/about our Website and/or Publications.

Sections marked with [....] were deleted to maintain customers privacy and NOT to remove nor add favorable nor unfavorable comments.

All punctuation, comments, spellings, grammar, etc. are preserved (as much as possible) as submitted.

Your comments/responses are always welcomed by Russell's Guides.  The management and owners take all comments/responses seriously!

We will make every attempt to make things right, but you must give us a chance first, please!

For your convenience, you can click this CONTACT US link to send us an e-mail.  We will respond as soon as possible.

Our publishing policy for both the comments/responses submitter as well as Russell's is:
  • show respect
  • stay on topic
  • provide a new prospective in your comments/responses
so that other users might find the comments/responses interesting as well as useful.


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